Monday, 1 December 2014

I actually did not believe it when she said, "You are a gud friend". She's too small to understand these heavy words! And its just two days that we have known each other.
What happens is, I sit on the slab, and watch her work. The dishes, the food, the cleaning; she does it all. The first time that I saw her use the table to reach the gas, I laughed. She laughed along!
I never asked her to share. But just two evenings and I know her in and out. She misses her fa...ther. She wasn't lucky enough to see her mother. She fakely recalls meeting her sister much before her marriage. She lives with her relatives and works to feed her own mouth. She's just 12 !
The second evening that we met she told that she had waited the complete day to see me again. I was overwhelmed.
The knife hurts her at times. She burns herself while cooking. No one cares. She says,"I am use to all this".
She smiles when I share my belongings with her. She loved the old slippers that I offerred her. She sighed when I held her by her shoulders.
She runs to me every morning, to ask me if she should lay the breakfast.
Its her who has to look after the two kids of the relative. She has to do the household even at her place. She still smiles!
Perhaps, she is Innocent !

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